Privacy Policy v1.6 - 03/01/19

Shape of Sound Ltd has interests in musical and digital innovation and so has a business interest in acquiring non personally identifiable usage information to understand and help improve upon product offerings and better understand the digital marketplace. Furthermore to support or help provide solutions for customers using digital products it may be necessary to receive customer data from third parties. There is no interest in personally identifiable information beyond analytics systems, technical support, technical consultancy and communicating with different parties.

The data protection officer for Shape of Sound Ltd is Alistair de Blacquiere-Clarkson who can be contacted using the web contact forms on the Shape of Sound website.

1. What information is collected:

Shape of Sound Ltd has released a number of applications and some of these product offerings use or used analytics systems to gather usage information for Shape of Sound Ltd. The analytics systems used may have gathered IP addresses in the past which now can be considered personally identifiable information. At the time of writing all Shape of Sound products have been updated to either remove IP address gathering analytics, or introduce google analytics run in an anonymous mode.  Furthermore this website uses google analytics run in an anonymous ip mode where an opt-out link is available in the managing your data section of this policy.

Besides analytics data, Shape of Sound Ltd also receives personally identifiable information when you email, or use our website contact form. This is information that you supply us directly and thus you are in control of the information you decide to share.

Certain clients that Shape of Sound Ltd supports may share data for the purpose of technical support of applications which may contain contact details such as email, address, phone numbers and photographs taken during surveys.

Shape of Sound Ltd does not process any special categories of personal data or data relating to convictions or offences.

2. How your information is used:

Analytics information allows the formulation of opinion and observations that are related to broad trends in user groups rather than individuals.

Consumer personally identifiable information shared by third parties with us is used for technical support, product consulting or development services.

Consumer's personally identifiable information emailed to us is used for purposes relating to the context of the email and for legitimate business interests.

3. How your information is shared:

3a. Personally Identifiable Information

Shape of Sound will not share individual data points outside of companies involved in developing it’s products and will only share anonymous broad trends analysed from data to other companies.

When you email Shape of Sound Ltd, the business does not share your email address or personal details with anyone unless we have established consent or legitimate business reason such as a requirement for financial reporting.

3b. Non-personally identifiable information

Using analytics systems, Shape of Sound Ltd has access to an amount of non-personally identifiable information relating to usage of applications and websites. Shape of Sound Ltd uses this information to make broad opinions over the state of digital markets and share those opinions to 3rd parties.

4. How we store your information

Google analytics grants access to anonymised data such as usage statistics via a dashboard.

Emails are stored on 3rd party email host’s servers.

Data received from third parties is stored in email, cloud services and on hard drives of laptops.

5. How we protect your information

Your personally identifiable information submitted via web forms on the Shape of Sound Ltd website is sent directly to email mailboxes that have two factor authentication.

On other websites hosted by Shape of Sound Ltd, or using direct email addresses then the email mailboxes may be protected by standard username and password controls only.

Data shared with Shape of Sound Ltd is stored in email inboxes protected by two factor authentication, cloud services that implement authentication and encryption controls and on hard drives of laptops that are either encrypted or locked in storage.

Analytics data is stored by google and is associated with the analytics account which is protected by two factor authentication.

6. Lawfulness of Data Processing

Shape of Sound Ltd may receive data for contractual reasons for providing technical support or for providing consulting, product development or product related services.

Consent to communicate directly via email is implied by contacting Shape of Sound Ltd, unless instructed otherwise.

Shape of Sound Ltd has a legitimate interest to gather statistical information to allow it to improve it’s product offerings.

7. How long do we keep hold of your information?

Currently Google analytics data is anonymous and is deleted automatically after 26 months.

Consumer’s personally identifiable information shared with us by third parties is deleted immediately after use or in the 12 months following the official written end of an engagement if a legitimate reason is logged.

Basic contact details received via direct email communication is kept for the lifespan of the business unless otherwise requested or is deleted at the discretion of Shape of Sound Ltd.

8. Managing your data

You have rights relating to any of your personally identifiable information that Shape of Sound Ltd holds, that are not limited to accessing, correcting, deleting and limiting the processing of said data.

With respect to google analytics data that is gathered on this website it is possible to install the google analytics opt-out plugin to your browser here:


Please do get in contact via the website form if you would like to manage any of your personal information that might be held by Shape of Sound Ltd.

9. Making a complaint

You have the right at any time to make a complaint at any time to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who are the data protection authority for the UK and can be contacted at

By writing to Shape of Sound Ltd using the contact form on this website it is also possible to make a complaint and we will respond as quickly as is possible.